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domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Botella de submarinismo de juguete americano

Vintage 1960 U.S. Diver Surf Lung

One of the most popular scuba toys ever made and very sought after by Vintage Scuba Collectors, the US Divers Surf Lung is hard to find at any time and very rare in good condition.

This one is complete and operational.
The Surf Lung is a toy scuba system made "For Surface Breathing

A Replica of Captain Cousteau's Famous Aqua Lung".

It is essentially a snorkel that looks like a scuba tank. The tank straps onto the young diver just like a real scuba tank and it floats so it holds the "diver" on the surface.

You can add sand to the boot to make the tank more or less buoyant.

The 'diver' puts the 2 hose mouthpiece from the simulated regulator into his mouth and breathes. On top of the regulator there's a hole that allows surface air to enter.

An ingenious and simple ball valve shuts off the hole if the divers goes below water or turns over.

These toys were a hangover from the Sea Hunt period.

They appeared in the US Divers catalogues in the early 60's - 50 years ago or more!
Usually the plastic straps are brittle and snap when touched. The mouthpiece is usually missing or also broken. The tanks always split.

Now remember that this is a 50 year-old toy.

Please don't expect it to be perfectly new or you'll be disappointed.

There are some scuffs. The non-return valves and the mouthpiece are in good condition.

The straps are still pliable; the mouthpiece is intact, the tanks seems airtight, the valve works.

There is a crimp in one hose near the top.

Even the decals on the tank and regulator are in good shape with just a couple of minor crinkled edges.

Just add water!

I don't recommend that it actually be used. Even though in great shape, the plastic is old and would not take rough handling.

However, once it's yours, do as you will.

A wonderful piece of scuba history, a desirable addition to any vintage scuba collection, a rare toy and, after all, just a really neat gimmick for any diver, young or old.

Not intended for actual use.

Measures 21" tall x 5" diameter bottom

Hoses are 20" long each side


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